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Marko&Placemakers is a city design and research consultancy based on transformational principles of placemaking and green urbanism established in 2013 in London by Igor Marko and Petra Marko, following their long-term collaboration on successful urban regeneration projects.

We bring together a team of urban designers, researchers and architects with a unique combination of skills in design, masterplanning, urban strategies and communication, in order to address social, environmental and economic issues that cities face today. Our portfolio of people-oriented projects such as Northala Fields Park builds on over a decade of experience at FoRM Associates, a practice previously co-founded by Igor Marko.

Drawing on long-term experience of bridging professional boundaries between urban design, architecture, art and engineering, we create unique partnerships to address different scenarios and contexts, helping cities, private clients and design professionals (architecture, engineering and other creative practices). From concept stages to complex strategies, our advice is based on design thinking and creativity as main drivers to create better places to live in, work in and enjoy.

We are constantly exploring new methods for city development and regeneration, from experimental and theoretical models, to practical application. Combining experience from practice with observations and ideas developed in theory, we are building up a comprehensive knowledge of scenario-based methods. Through mapping and visual ethnography we make data accessible to reveal the real psychogeography of the place.

Mentoring and teaching
Knowledge transfer from academia into practice is fundamental in order to bring creativity back into the forefront of city making. Since 2015 we have been part of The London School of Architecture practice network, where we translate our practical experience of working in an interdisciplinary and collaborative environment into engaging and inspiring teaching methods, focusing on the transformational value of placemaking.

Igor Marko MA ARCH ARB

Igor Marko is the co-founder and creative director of Marko&Placemakers. As architect, urbanist and urban designer, Igor has been advising on and delivering successful projects beyond traditional realms of architecture over 25 years. His experimental approach to urbanism resulted in winning commissions for visionary ideas such as Car Free London, preparing the ground for transformation of London’s pedestrian and cycling environment.

Upon completing his architecture studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Igor moved to London in 1990s, joining several established practices before co-founding the inter-disciplinary design studio FoRM Associates. As Director of FoRM, Igor led a number of transformational projects in Europe and North America including Northala Fields Park in London, critically acclaimed as an exemplar of people-led sustainability; and Irwell River Park, a complex strategy for revitalisation of Manchester’s waterfront.

Focusing on the transformational value of placemaking, Igor has been advising both private and public sector clients on the integration of public realm in new developments and major regeneration schemes. He has supervised a number of workshops and initiatives internationally for organisations including The Architectural Association, The London School of Architecture, Stadslab European Urban Design Laboratory, Aspen Institute Prague and various architecture schools.

Igor is a regular speaker at conferences and debates concerning sustainable urban development, having presented at forums such as the Changwon Eco-City conference in South Korea and the European Economic Congress. His work has been widely published in North America, Europe and Asia.

Petra Marko MA ARCH ARB RIBA, MA Creative Entrepreneurship

Petra Marko is an architect and placemaking expert who focuses on shaping and promoting people-oriented cities and public spaces. Trained as an architect and creative entrepreneur, her work moves beyond the traditional definitions of architecture to create a more collaborative and sustainable practice. She co-founded Marko&Placemakers with Igor Marko in 2013, leading the practices’ public sector work in place shaping, High Streets and town centre regeneration in London and spearheading cross disciplinary collaborations including VeloCity, an award-winning vision solving critical issues facing the countryside. In 2024, she stepped down from her active role at the practice to take up a public sector role as Chief Executive of the Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava.

Petra regularly speaks and writes on topics of livable cities, promoting car-free walkable neighbourhoods and inclusive public spaces, and authored Meanwhile City, a best practice guide on temporary interventions. She is a member of the Westminster Council’s Design Review Panel providing independent advice on major projects that will shape the future of central London and sat on the inaugural National Infrastructure Commission Young Professionals panel providing fresh thinking to the NIC’s work in long term infrastructure planning. Alongside practice she taught as design tutor and think tank leader at The London School of Architecture, exploring pressing urban challenges of today.

Petra grew up in Bratislava, Slovakia and gained diploma in architecture at Vienna University of Technology and a masters’ in Creative Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths, University of London. She is an active commuter cyclist, a member of the Pedelle women cycling community and member of the curatorial board for CycleUp! for Slovakia, a Goethe Institute green mobility initiative across five Central European countries connecting artists, decision-makers and communities.

Selected Awards:

First Prize International Competition for mixed use tower in Tirana, Albania
First Prize International Competition Spartakovska Urban Block in Trnava, Slovakia
First Prize Merina Masterplanning Competition, Trenčín, Slovakia
First Prize Florenc21 Masterplan Open International Competition, Prague, Czech Republic
First Prize, Bernolakovo Strategic Vision Competition
Shortlisted, Senezh Campus Masterplan Invited International Competition, Moscow, Russia
First Prize YIT Mlynské Nivy Masterplan Invited Competition, Bratislava
Second Prize, New Žižkov Centre Masterplan International Competition, Prague, Czech Republic
Igor Marko wins ASB Personality of Architecture and Construction Award
First Prize, VeloCity - Cambridge to Oxford Link Ideas Competition, National Infrastructure Commission
Special Jury Prize, Trenčín City on the River masterplan, International Competition
Highly Commended, Vauxhall Missing Link RIBA Competition
First Prize, Racianske Myto Park Bratislava, International Competition
Finalist WAN Award - Trafford Wharf Promenade
Winner Street Design Pedestrian Environment Award
Winner HW Landscape Amenity Award for excellent community engagement
Winner Green Flag Award
BURA Award, Northala Fields Park, London
Winner Landscape Institute Award for Northala Fields Park
Highly Commended Landscape Institute Award in Urban Design and Masterplanning
Finalist, New Olympic Park London, International Competition
First Prize, Shepherd’s Bush Green London, Int. Competition
Finalist, Wenceslas Square, Prague, International Competition
First Prize, Westminster Street Furniture London, International Competition
First Prize, Car Free London, International Competition

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