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23 December 2022 Unpublished

Merina Trenčín Masterplanning Competition Win

Marko&Placemakers in collaboration with Sadovsky&Architects won the Merina masterplanning competition in central zone of the city of Trencin. Our proposal works with the legacy of the Merina complex, a former textile factory. The fragmented urban fabric will be transformed into a new city quarter including over 600 new homes with emphasis on culture and wellbeing. The client is Occam Real Estate.

4 December 2022 Unpublished

Petra Marko in The Urbanist - a Monocle 24h Radio Podcast

Petra Marko talked to Andrew Tuck for Monocle's The Urbanist podcast - introducing Meanwhile City, a book on the role and value of temporary urbanism she authored with a team od designers and editors at Milk. You can listen to the podcast here and find out more about Meanwhile City here.

14 November 2022 Unpublished

Spartakovská Urban Block Competition Win, Trnava

Marko&Placemakers with Sadovsky&Architects have won the architectural competition for a new residential block Spartakovská in Trnava, Slovakia. The proposal incorporates a kindergarten and lettable communal spaces, along with high quality landscaping. The jury statement praised the proposal’s integration within the wider context and permeability of the site created through a series of inviting ‘harbours’ formed through public space and landscape; as well as rightly set scale respecting the surrounding urban character, and multi-aspect disposition of the apartments.

3 October 2022 Unpublished

Meanwhile City - a guide to best practices in temporary interventions

Petra Marko led the research and co-authored Meanwhile City, a best practice guide on temporary interventions created and published by Milk Places team. Meanwhile City offers actionable lessons, best practices and inspiration for city leaders, urban practitioners and private developers on how to use temporary interventions to shape the identity of places and build active communities around them. Find out more and attend upcoming Meanwhile City events here.

5 July 2022 Unpublished

Igor Marko Judging CE ZA AR Awards

Igor Marko is part of the international jury for CE ZA AR the national architecture awards in Slovakia organised by the Slovak Chamber of Architects. This year’s overarching theme is “green for architecture” alluding to the social and environmental role that architecture plays in our society. Last week, the jury toured around the country to visit selected projects and decide on a shortlist for prize nominations. Winners will be announced at the official awards ceremony in October. You can view all project nominations here.

4 July 2022 Unpublished

Petra Marko on Tracks of my Tyres - Velocity Magazine Podcast

David Taylor and Toby Fox chat to Petra Marko in the new episode of Tracks of my Tyres podcast by Velocity magazine about cycling in London vs Bratislava, the VeloCity plan to revitalise rural villages, teaching her son to ride a bike and networking on two wheels. You can listen to the podcast here.

17 May 2022 Unpublished

Petra Marko Speaking at 'Cycling Cities' International Active Travel Conference

Petra Marko will speak at 'Cyklomesta Trnava' [Cycling Cities], a conference on Mobility and Quality of Life in Cities in Trnava, Slovakia. Organised by Cyklokoalícia, the conference brings together international speakers to share best practice with local authority leaders, private sector clients and professionals.

9 April 2022 Unpublished

Future of Cities: Jan Gehl, Igor Marko and Mayor of Bratislava Discussion

Igor Marko joined Jan Gehl and the Mayor of Bratislava Matúš Vallo in a panel discussion in Bratislava this week as part of the Slovak Chamber of Architects (SKA) events series focusing on regeneration of cities. It has been an honour and a privilege to share the floor with Gehl, the master of placemaking, who has transformed Copenhagen into a walking and cycling city and subsequently shaped many cities around the world with his ‘putting people first’ approach and writing. The discussion followed Jan Gehl’s talk about the future of cities, in which the world-renowned urbanist shared his experience.The event series celebrates 30 years of SKA and has been realised with support from CORWIN.

28 January 2022 Unpublished

Petra Marko Guest Critic at UMPRUM Prague

Petra Marko was guest critic for architecture term projects at UMPRUM Prague (Academy of Arts Architecture & Design). The varied unit briefs covered themes from transformative markets tackling food waste, production and densification of public programmes in the city through to strategic urban regeneration of two Czech towns where redirection of motorway opens opportunities to stitch back the urban fabric.

20 December 2021 Unpublished

Bernolakovo Strategic Vision Competition Win

Marko&Placemakers with gogolák + grasse won the competition for strategic vision for Bernolakovo. The pilot study of its kind in the Bratislava region has the ambition to strategically guide the development of the fast growing suburban village/town and strengthen its specific identity and history. The proposal will form the basis for the implementation of a new local plan. You can find out more about our proposal here.

1 December 2021 Unpublished

Florenc21 Prague Masterplanning Competition Win

Marko&Placemakers with Prague based UNIT Architekti and A69 Architekti won the open international competition Florenc21 a major regeneration area in Prague’s wider city centre representing one of the most complex urban challenges of the current decade. Our team was supported by experts ETC, Ecoten, Terra Florida, Colliers and Ivan Gabal. The competition organised by the City of Prague, IPR Prague, Masaryk Station Development and ČSAD Praha Holding attracted 57 entries from all over the world. Florenc is You can find more about our proposal - Orchestarted Complexity here.
7 September 2021 Unpublished

Londonon: Cycling in the Era of COVID-19

Petra Marko moderated the debate "Cycling in the Era of COVID-19" as part of the Londonon initiative. The panel including William Bradley (Principal Policy Officer for Transport, GLA), Julian Scriven (Managing Director of Brompton Bike Hire) and Caroline Nagel (Associate, COBE Architects) considered the the lessons we can learn from cities like Copenhagen to radically shift towards active travel in London.

31 August 2021 Unpublished

CAMP Urban Talks: Florenc2021

Igor Marko with Filip Tittl (UNIT) and Boris Redcenkov (A69) presented their approach to urbanism and placemaking as part of the CAMP Urban Talks series. The session was dedicated to Florenc2021 competition, which seeks a vision for revitalising a 24ha regeneration area in close contact with Prague’s historic city centre. Marko&Placemakers together with A69 Architects and UNIT Architects are one of the five shorlisted teams. You can watch the whole talk here.

31 August 2021 Unpublished

Velo-City Cycle Diversity Lisboa

Petra Marko and Sarah Featherstone (Featherstone Young) will present VeloCity strategy at the Velo-city Cycle Diversity conference in Lisbon, widely considered as the premier worldwide annual cycling summit, serving as a global knowledge exchange platform. The conference exhibition showcases the latest innovations and joyful experiences one can only experience by bike. Petra and Sarah will present as part of the Pedalling for Better Heralth session on 8th September. You can see the full conference programme here.

14 July 2021 Unpublished

Marko&Placemakers shortlisted for strategic vision for Bernolakovo

Marko&Placemakers with Gogolak Grasse architects are amongst 3 shorlisted teams in a competition to develop a strategic vision for urban development of Bernolakovo, a village on the outskirts of Bratislava, Slovakia. The local municipality, who are the client, seek a stretegic vision for the future growth and sustainable development of the village that will directly feed into the local plan creation.