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12 March 2020 Unpublished

Modern Day Picturesque and Velocity Manifesto Published Online

Modern Day Picturesque, a VeloCity report co-authored by Petra Marko and Sarah Featherstone on the radical changes needed to secure the future of the countryside is now available online. You can read the Modern Day Picturesque report here. The report was launch at the RIBA London on 10th March as part of the Perspectives on Architecture Series followed by a panel discussion where Petra and Sarah were joined by Meredith Bowles (Mole Architects) and Hana Loftus (HAT Projects), chaired by Alicia Pivaro. Alongside this report, the VeloCity manifesto - Growing Villages Differetly, which was launched at the Oslo Architecture Triennale in September 2019, has now been published digitally - you can read the VeloCity manifesto here. VeloCity is a strategic approach to growth and placemaking centered on the re-imagining of the village for the 21st Century, co-authored by Kay Hughes, Sarah Featherstone, Petra Marko, Annalie Riches, Jennifer Ross and Judith Sykes.

23 February 2020 Unpublished

New VeloCity research at RIBA Perspectives on Architecture

Petra Marko and Sarah Featherstone will introduce the evidence–based research report, The Modern Day Picturesque at the RIBA Perspectives on Architecture series on 10th March. The research builds on VeloCity – a strategic vision developed by a team of industry experts that re-invigorates rural communities and looks at how we can grow villages differently by disincentivising car-use and making radical change to planning policies. Following an introduction to their research, Petra and Sarah will join a panel discussion with Meredith Bowles, Principal of Mole Architects and Hana Loftus, Director of HAT Projects. The panel will be chaired by Alicia Pivaro, a cultural practitioner and community activist. Find out more and book tickets here.

11 February 2020 Unpublished

Petra Marko at Creative Change Makers

Petra Marko spoke at Creative Change Makers about motivation and shifting role of architects responding to critical challenges of today. Run by Creative Conscience - a movement that promotes socially valuable and human centred design - the conference showcased positive effects of creative initiatives. Petra spoke on a panel alongside Sevra Davis, Director of Architecture, Design and Fashion at the British Council and Oliver Heath, an expert on biophilic desing.
9 December 2019 Unpublished

Museum of Architecture Transport Innovators

Petra Marko and Igor Marko are featured amongst 'transport innovators' at this year's Museum of Architecture Gingerbread City exhibition at Somerset House. Over 100 architects, engineers and designers using their design expertise have created this year's city exploring imaginative new ways of moving around our densely populated urban neighbourhoods.

23 September 2019 Unpublished

VeloCity at Oslo Architecture Triennale

VeloCity, our collaborative vision addressing the future of the countryside is exhibited at the Oslo Architecture Triennale, the Nordic region’s biggest architecture festival, and one of the world’s prominent arenas for dissemination and discussion of architectural and urban challenges.

2 September 2019 Unpublished

Petra Marko Judging Future Place RIBA Competition

Petra was on the jury panel for RIBA Future Place competition alongside RIBA President Ben Derbyshire and National Infrastructure Commissioner and Director of dRMM Sadie Morgan. The Future Place programme is about supporting five local authorities across England to develop visions to improve quality of life and the environment. You can find out more about the programme and winners here.  


18 July 2019 Unpublished

Petra Marko Chairing #infracafe on Circular Economy

Petra Marko chaired the #infracafe on Circular Economy at Kings Cross Skip Garden as part of her National Infrastrcuture Commission (NIC) Young Professionals Panel role. With speakers Joseph Henry from the Greater London Authority, Anna Webster from Interrobang and Rick Wright, policy lead on Nationala Infrastrcuture Commission waste recommendations, the discussion unpicked how strategic policies combined with bottom up enthusiasm can shape a regenerative approach to our planet where we make most of our resources and minimise waste. The event was organised with support of the National Infrastructure Commission and Central St Martins Spatial Practices.

21 June 2019 Unpublished

Igor Marko Keynote on Participatory Placemaking at City Forum Bratislava

Great atmosphere and lots of inspiration at this week's inaugural City FÓRUM Bratislava conference hosted in partnership with the Mayor of Bratislava. Igor Marko gave a keynote on participatory placemaking, Kristian Villandsen from Gehl Architects spoke about people-oriented design approach and Matus Vallo, Mayor of Bratislava talked about trust as a fundamental condition for a well functioning city. Photo courtesy of City Forum Bratislava
4 June 2019 Unpublished

Architects Declare Climate and Biodiversity Emergency

Marko&Placemakers joins a growing group of UK architects in declaring Climate and Biodiversity Emergency, pledging to make a commitment to positive action to push for a paradigm shift in behaviour needed to reverse the devastating impacts on our natural environment. Find out more about the initiative here and about our approach to green pacemaking here.

23 May 2019 Unpublished

2. Prize International Masterplanning Competition New Žižkov, Prague

In team with Ian Ritchie Architects and Compass Architekti, we won second prize in the international masterplanning competition for New Žižkov Centre in Prague. The client, Central Group, received 98 submissions to the competiton's open call in the first stage including proposals from Sou Fujumoto Architects and Richard Meier & Partners teams. 12 teams were shortlisted to develop proposals in second stage. You can find out more about all winners here and more about our proposal here.


The jury praised the robustness and logic of our masterplan and its permeability, people-focused residential streets and well designed public spaces for everyday life, which reflect and enhance the character of Žižkov neighbourhood.

21 May 2019 Unpublished

Igor Marko speaking at City Forum on Participatory Placemaking

Igor Marko will be speaking at City FÓRUM Bratislava on the theme of participation as integral part of shaping livable spaces and places in the city. The first year of the international expert conference on well functioning cities will be on 19th June in Bratislava. Speakers include Kristian Villandsen from Gehl Architects and Matus Vallo - the Mayor of Bratislava.

4 April 2019 Unpublished

Vydrica Development Plans Revealed

Plans for Vydrica - the most awaited development in Bratislava for decades were revealed today. Marko&Placemakers are responsible for the public realm design, strategy and vision for integrating the new development with the historic city centre. The mixed use development comprising over 200 new homes, offices and retail spaces with focus on arts and crafts is set to be completed by 2025.

7 February 2019 Unpublished

Lessons from Copenhagen

Petra Marko visited Copenhagen with her VeloCity team colleagues Sarah Featherstone and Annalie Riches looking at innovative high-density car-free housing typologies to build on our research on rural densification. The trip was part of our RIBA funded research on housing and placemaking. Find out what we learned in BD article here. Image: Petra, Sarah and Annalie at Byhusene - new housing project on Islands Brygge by Vandkunsten Architects.

10 January 2019 Unpublished

New Žižkov Centre Masterplan, Prague

We are shortlisted for a mixed use masterplan in Prague's inner-city centre Žižkov, which will deliver 1200 new homes, new services and high quality public realm. Marko&Placemakers is part of the masterplanning team with Ian Ritchie Architects (UK) and Compass Architects (Slovakia). The client, Central Group, received 98 submissions to the competiton's open call and shortlisted 12 teams including Sou Fujimoto Architects and Richard Meier & Partners.

23 November 2018 Unpublished

VeloCity wins William Sutton Prize for Excellence in Social Housing Design and Placemaking

We are delighted VeloCity - our collaborative placemaking strategy for Oxford-Cambridge corridor - won the William Sutton Prize for excellence in social housing design and placemaking. More than eighty applications were received for the first ever William Sutton Prize. Launched by Clarion Housing Group, the William Sutton Prize encourages individuals and organisations to present a new concept, service or idea that will benefit social housing residents and their community. Clare Miller, Group Chief Executive of Clarion Housing Group said Clarion have been blown away by the quality and diversity of the applications from across the country. The jury panel comprised of Clare Miller, Peter Fortune, Greg Reed (Clarion Housing Group Board), Biljana Savic (Director of the Academy of Urbanism) and Peter Holbrook (Chief Executive of Social Enterprise UK). Find out more about the prize here and about VeloCity team and project here.