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16 July 2018 Unpublished

Value of Design Report for National Infrastructure Commission

We have completed The Value of Design in Infrastructure Delivery report which is one of three supporting documents for the chapter Choosing and designing infrastructure of the first ever UK National Infrastructure Assessment. It shows how good design and design thinking can play a significant role in developing solutions that enhance quality of life and the environment, while helping reduce risks and adding value.

4 June 2018 Unpublished

VeloCity at Transport Systems Catapult Exhibiton in Milton Keynes

Our winning entry to the National Infrastructure Commission’s Ideas competition for Cambridge to Oxford growth corridor, will be featured at Transport Systems Catapult exhibition from 5th to 26th July. “The entries to our competition offered innovative and creative proposals for using infrastructure to support the development of well-connected and vibrant communities.” said Commissioner Sadie Morgan. 

17 May 2018 Unpublished

Petra Marko to Speak at reSITE Conference in Prague

Petra Marko will be joining a panel discussion on housing on 14th June at reSITE. reSITE brings together thought leaders, mayors, architects, planners, investors and activists from all over the world to celebrate inspiring design, development and positive impact on quality of life in cities. Petra will discuss innovative housing delivery based on our project collaboration VeloCity, alongside Florian Koehl of Fatkoehl Architekten and social impact investing expert Ruben Koekoek. We are looking forward to revisit this world-class event having been at the launch of reSITE in 2012 where Igor Marko spoke about cities and placemaking and coming back each year to get inspired and energised.

16 May 2018 Unpublished

VeloCity Wins Honorary Award at Making Cities Livable in Ottawa

VeloCity, the winning strategy for Oxford to Cambridge growth corridor for National Infrastrcuture Commission, received Honorary Award at the Designing Healthy, 10-Minute Neighbourhoods competition, which is part of International Making Cities Livable (IMCL) Conference in Ottawa, Canada. The competition call was for projects that emphasise community, health, sustainability and equity and respect the context and history of the place.

1 May 2018 Unpublished

Museum of Architecture Talk: Architecture as a Process

Petra Marko will speak at the Museum of Architecture on 14th May. The talk will examine the power of innovative, fictional approaches to design in generating new ideas about architecture. Together with Jennifer Ross of Tibbalds, Petra will present VeloCity - the Oxford to Cambridge growth corridor strategy, which proposes radical ways to deliver sustainable housing in the countryside. Book tickets and find out more here.

25 April 2018 Unpublished

Petra Marko Selected to Join National Infrastructure Commission Young Professionals Panel

Petra Marko has been selected to join the National Infrastructure Commission’s (NIC) Young Professionals Panel. The Panel was set up to find the brightest and the best of the UK's professionals to help inform its work. This new initiative from the Commission, the independent body tasked with advising government on the UK’s long-term infrastructure, aims to ensure a strong voice for the next generation of infrastructure leaders for the country. Over 500 entries were received from across a wide range of professions and locations and shortlisted candidates were interviewed last month with 16 being appointed onto the Panel. The Panel will support the Commission across a wide range of infrastructure programmes as well as developing their own ideas to enhance long-term infrastructure for the UK.

22 April 2018 Unpublished

Palacky Boulevard Revitalisation Study Completed

The vision for the transformation of Palacky Boulevard was presented to the public by the working group of experts on Tuesday 17th April in Pardubice, Czech Republic. Igor Marko has been the lead expert advisor for the study aiming to revitalise this important artery of Pardubice. Palackeho Boulevard currently serves as a transit link from the railway station to the city center, and has the ambition to become an attractive place for leisure and business.

21 April 2018 Unpublished

Plan Bratislava Book Published

Plan B is a vision for the transformation of Bratislava city developed by an association of over 70 professionals who joined in working groups for a better city. Igor Marko is the leader of the Urban Development group which wrote the chapter on sensible growth of the city. The book was launched and presented to the public at Nova Cvernovka creative hub in Bratislava last week.

10 March 2018 Unpublished

Petra Marko Shortlisted for NIC Young Professionals Panel

Petra Marko is shortlisted for the National Infrastructure Commission’s Young Professionals Panel (NIC YPP). The Panel was launched to find the brightest and the best of the UK’s professionals to help inform its work. Over 500 entries were received from across a wide range of professions and 30 people have been shortlisted for interviews. The NIC is the independent body tasked with identifying the UK’s long-term infrastructure needs and recommending to government strategies to address them.

9 February 2018 Unpublished

The London School of Architecture Show + Tell Social

Petra Marko and Annalie Riches (Mikhail Riches) of the VeloCity team will present their winning idea for the National Infrastructure Commission competition at the LSA Show + Tell Social on Monday 26th February. VeloCity team also includes Jennifer Ross (Tibbalds), Sarah Featherstone (Featherstone Young), Kay Hughes (Khaa) and Judith Sykes (Expedition). Find out more and book tickets here.

23 December 2017 Unpublished

The Architecture Foundation: Ideas for London’s Public Space Charter

Petra Marko will speak at The Architecture Foundations’ Ten Ideas for London’s Public Space Charter event at the Garden Museum on 16th January. The discussion is in response to Mayor Sadiq Khan’s pledge to establish a Public Space Charter. Ten leading designers, writers and campaigners will propose bold ideas for inclusion in the London Public Space Charter. To watch the videos of the talks click here.

5 December 2017 Unpublished

VeloCity Wins the Cambridge to Oxford Connection Competition

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) and Malcolm Reading Consultants today announced the ‘VeloCity’ team as winners of The Cambridge to Oxford Connection: Ideas Competition. The all-women team is a collaboration between Petra Marko (Marko&Placemakers), Jennifer Ross (Tibbalds), Sarah Featherstone (Featherstone Young), Annalie Riches (Mikhail Riches), Judith Sykes (Expedition Engineering) and Kay Hughes (Khaa). The competition sought inspirational visions for the future of development within the arc encompassing Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Northampton and Oxford, one of the UK’s fastestgrowing and most productive regions. It informed the NIC’s report Partnering for Prosperity: A new deal for the Cambridge-Milton Keynes-Oxford Arc, published last month.

5 October 2017 Unpublished

Palackeho Boulevard Revitalisation

Igor Marko has been appointed as lead expert consultant for the revitalisation of the main town centre boulevard in Pardubice, Czech Republic. "The goal of the study is to revive Palackeho boulevard not only as a main route to the railway station, but also as an attractive leisure destination" said the Mayor of Pardubice, Martin Charvát. The study will be developed through workshops involving experts, general public and the city's Department of Architecture and Urban Design.

29 September 2017 Unpublished

Plan for Brno International Conference

Igor Marko was speaking at the Plan for Brno International Conference. The aim of the conference was to come up with a sustainable plan for the development of Brno, one of the most progressive cities in Czech Republic when it comes to city governance and planning. The conference addressed everything that influences the quality of life in a city – be it mobility, environment, architecture, economic development or accessibility of services and culture.

19 September 2017 Unpublished

AA Visiting School Seoul - Social Algorithms 5.0

Igor Marko led the The Architectural Association Visiting School in Seoul, South Korea, in July 2017. His unit, The Narrated City, researched placemaking based on urban narratives, storytelling, psychogeography and the construction of language and meaning, as part of the overarching theme Social Algorithms.