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1 June 2016 Unpublished

Museum of Architecture talk: Beyond the Pages - Recoded City

We will be presenting our work at the upcoming Museum of Architecture Beyond the Pages debate on Thursday 9th June. Recoded City, the book featuring Marko&Placemakers projects amongst other socially engaged global case studies, examines the potential of citizen-led collaborative neighbourhood renewal strategies. To find out more and book tickets visit the MoA wesite.
26 May 2016 Unpublished

ILGBC Northala Fields Park Tour

We have revisited our landmark project, Northala Fields Park, giving a tour for Israeli landscape architects from the ILGBC. Northala has been completed in 2008 and since then grew into one of the most diverse parks in London cherished and loved by local community as well as visitors from further afield. Learn more about how the unique topography of Northala was created from recycled waste mitigating noise and pollution and creating a new landmark in west London.

5 May 2016 Unpublished

New Lido Strategic Framework and Vision, Bratislava

Marko&Placemakers are working on a strategic framework for the central riverfront area of Bratislava, Slovakia. New Lido is a long term urban regeneration project encompassing the largest urban quarter adjacent to the river Danube, which has been under utilised and neglected over the last two decades. The long term vision of the project is to connect both riverfronts to create a joined up ‘city on the river’. New Lido is an exchange platform for this vision, which starts the process of communication and negotiation of the main project goals between the city, general public and private sector.

25 April 2016 Unpublished

Lisbon Masterclass on City Making and Tourism Gentrification

by Igor Marko

Stadslab International Master Class on City Making & Tourism Gentrification supervised by Igor Marko (Marko&Placemakers) and Marc Glaudemans (Stadslab Stadslab European Urban Design Laboratory) took place 15-22 April 2016 in Lison. The highly challenging urban regeneration case-study was focused on one of Lisbon’s oldest districts – Mouraria. The Master Class was organised in partnership with Academia Cidadã | Citizenship Academy and the City of Lisbon.

18 March 2016 Unpublished

Coulsdon Town Centre regeneration

Marko&Placemakers with The Retail Group are undertaking a business survey of Coulsdon Town Centre. Commissioned by the London Borough of Croydon, the socio-economic retail study will identify specific barriers to growth faced by the businesses in Coulsdon area and recommendations to improve the collective performance, helping the Council in the next steps of collective visioning process for the Town Centre regeneration.

7 March 2016 Unpublished

Kings Cross Tour for The LSA Unstable City Think Tank

We have gained great insights about Kings Cross, one of the most significant urban development sites in the UK, with the London School of Architecture Unstable City Think Tank led by Marko&Placemakers and Grimshaw. The tour was hosted by Argent, the developer behind the regeneration of King’s Cross – a 26ha former railway land being transformed into one of the most exciting neighborhoods in London.

11 January 2016 Unpublished

Marko&Placemakers featured amongst global case studies in Recoded City

Marko&Placemakers is featured amongst 42 global case studies of participatory placemaking practices in the new book publication Recoded City authored by Thomas Ermacora and Lucy Bullivant. Recoded City is a global survey of distributed urbanism, a burgeoning movement allowing citizens to reclaim their city and influence their own well-being through localised design and self governance.

10 November 2015 Unpublished

Culenova development revealed

Marko&Placemakers is the public space consultant for the new mixed use development designed by Zaha Hadid Architects in Bratislava. The plans for the 5ha Culenova development which will comprise of 800 new homes and 50,000 square meters of offices were today revealed at a press conference. Two thirds of the development area will be transformed into an urban park incorporating an existing industrial power station building which may become a cultural catalyst for the entire quarter.

6 November 2015 Unpublished

Ahoy featured in Icon Magazine

Igor Marko's Ahoy - an interactive children's game designed for project Hravo is featured in the autumn issue of Icon Magazine. Hravo is reviving a history of toy making and bringing the joys of hand-crafted games to a new generation. The initiative invited product designers, architects, graphic designers and visual artist to explore and test the potential of a variety of creative approaches.

29 September 2015 Unpublished

Milota exhibition opens at Prague City Gallery

Igor Marko led the spatial design concept for Milota - a major exhibition at the Prague City Gallery capturing the personal universe of the artist Milota Havrankova who is considered to be an exceptional phenomenon in Slovak and Czech photography, art and multimedia. The retrospective exhibition marks a highlight in the Czech art scene calendar and will be open to the public until 16th January.

24 July 2015 Unpublished

Works on Digital Park landscape in Bratislava commence

Works have commenced on the landscape for Digital Park office development in Bratislava, Slovakia. The design conceives of the external landscape as an extended office park with focus on sociability and exchange, responding to the evolving trends and user requirements. The ambition of the project is to attract wider public use, making Digital Park an inclusive, attractive and integrated part of the city fabric.

12 July 2015 Unpublished

Rosum Development starts on site

Works started on the new 22,000 sq m office development Rosum in Bratislava. Marko&Placemakers developed the public realm strategy and landscape design in collaboration with 2ka. The space evolves from a formal hardscape frontage to the office entrances transforming into an informal soft park through a series of dynamic terraces wrapping around the site. Image courtesy of Penta Investments.

18 June 2015 Unpublished

Irvine Town Centre Regeneration - High Street and Bank Street public realm

Marko&Placemakers have been appointed to deliver urban design strategy for Irvine High Street and Bank Street in preparation for the planned public realm improvements. The team including LA Architects and Alexandra Steed Urban will work with the Ayrshire Council and key stakeholders to develop an intergated approach to identify key social, physical and economic opportunities to regenerate the historic town centre.

15 June 2015 Unpublished

PedElle Bilbao to Madrid Women in Industry Cycling Challenge

Petra Marko took part in Pedelle – a three-day ride covering more than 450km from Bilbao to Madrid, bringing together 30 women from across the built environment industry. Organised by Cycle To, the charity event specialists behind the annual Cycle To MIPIM ride, PedElle is fast becoming an important event in the industry’s diversity push. This year’s ride raised more than £20,000 for children’s charity Coram.

13 March 2015 Unpublished

RIBA Small Practice Group - Research and Innovation

Petra Marko has been appointed to sit on the RIBA Small Practice Group. The group is advising on the formulation of policy and strategy for the RIBA, facilitating effective competition and encouraging liaison between practices beyond the field of architecture. Petra's involvement will focus on the role of research and innovation within the changing landscape of the profession.