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Bernolakovo Strategic Vision, Slovakia

International Competition Winner
Client: Bernolakovo Municipality
Team: Marko&Placemakers, gogolák + grasse

The pilot study of its kind in the Bratislava region has the ambition to strategically guide the development of the fast-growing suburban village/town of Bernolákovo and strengthen its specific identity and history. Bernolákovo has experienced a rapid and partially uncoordinated sprawl. The task of the strategic vision is to design an urban concept with strong respect for the landscape, which will form the basis for the implementation of a new local plan.

The vision holistically addresses the future growth and transformation of Bernolákovo from a village into town, as well as its relationship to the immediate surroundings and to Bratislava. The ambition of the concept is the sustainable development of Bernolákovo with sensitive densification and diversification of services within a network of interconnected settlements around the floodplain landscape of Lužné lesy (Bernolákovo, Ivanka pri Dunaji, Zálesie, Malinovo, Tomášov, Nová dedinka), providing clear limits to new development and retaining and strengthening unique identity of Bernolákovo. This principle is inspired by the VeloCity strategy, which holistically addresses the ecological, economic and social sustainability of villages and rural areas.

The concept of movement is based on integrated public transport, strengthening rail transport, and reducing cars within Bernolákovo, with priority of pedestrians and cyclists. The vision also outlines an approach to revitalizing existing public spaces that will help strengthen the historic cores. A continuous network of public spaces and their hierarchization will help harmonize the existing and new development.

The vision develops a careful phasing strategy with new growth concentrated in the eastern and southern part of Bernolákovo. A variety of housing typologies supporting intergenerational mix are proposed with Lake Štrkovka identified as a recreation centre for the wider region. The southern development will support community focussed housing on the edge of the landscape, with community gardens, orchards and social activities as an important resource for social and environmental sustainability.