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Izolyatsia Industrial Landscape Park masterplan, Donetsk, Ukraine

Under construction
Client: Izolyatsia
Team: FoRM Partner in charge Rick Rowbotham + AID Architects

An architectural and landscape transformation of a former industrial site in Donetsk , an important industrial centre for coal and steel in Ukraine. The first phase will deliver an experimental Arts centre located in the unique context of a new circular park incorporating a 45m high slag heap.

The main aim of this ambitious project is to create a hub of cultural excellence as well as deliver a social, economic and ecological transformation of a post industrial landscape.The phased transformation will reclaim much of the grey and abandoned site and make it 'green', both literally in an environmental sense and metaphorically as place of new growth and positive change. In its first phase the project will focus on a single building and the adjoining slag heap - the Terrikon, which will be adopted to function both as a regular platform for large scale artistic transformational projects as well as a heart of a new green public realm echoing the experience of such landscape projects as the Highline in NY or Northala Fields in London.

The new landscape setting will create a sense of definition, boundary and neighbourhood connection. The new bio-diverse landscape will be people centered in its design in contrast to the current defining landscape of Donetsk, which was based on Soviet style mass greening.