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Digital Park Landscape, Bratislava, Slovakia

Client: Penta Investments
Team: Marko&Placemakers + 2ka landscape architects

Marko&Placemakers developed external spaces strategy and landscape design for the surrounding area of Digital Park office development in central Bratislava. The evolving trend and analysis of user experience of office parks and office accommodation points to increasing requirement for informal and engaging spaces for exchange and chance encounter. The strategy presented alternative scenarios for animation and functional use of the amenity spaces within the existing triangular landscape grid. Maximising opportunities for external use with consideration of seasonal changes was developed through a combination of planting and functional elements, creating an active external space as well as visually attractive ‘carpet’ when observed from the office buildings above. Super-graphics, golf putting for gold enthusiasts, petanque pitch, outdoor office and external amphitheater for larger events were integrated into the final design propositions through an iterative discussion with the client team.

The design conceives of the external landscape as an extended office park with focus on relaxation, sociability and exchange. The ambition of the landscape enhancements is to attract wider public use from the footfall to the adjacent retail park and mall, making Digital Park an inclusive, attractive and integrated part of the city fabric.