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Palacky Boulevard Revitalisation Study Completed

The vision for the transformation of Palacky Boulevard was presented to the public by the working group of experts on Tuesday 17th April in Pardubice, Czech Republic. Igor Marko has been the lead expert advisor for the study aiming to revitalise this important artery of Pardubice. Palackeho Boulevard currently serves as a transit link from the railway station to the city center, and has the ambition to become an attractive place for leisure and business. The study includes a comprehensive analysis of the current state of the street, information on the needs of the public, and the proposal itself, which contains 36 major recommendations.

"I would like to see Palacky Boulevard as a place where people sit and relax, go to the shops, cafes and restaurants. Currently the boulevard serves only as a link from the city centre to the station, but I am convinced it can become much more. The study presented today by the expert team is a great and realistic step to make this vision come true in the future." said Martin Charvát, Mayor of Pardubice.

"The study was developed by a team of architects and urban planners from the municipality and external experts on public space, transport, landscape and participation. They worked with a large group of local citizens and businesses who all deserve a big thank you for their feedback and insights. The study is a great and very significant springboard for further work, "said Deputy Mayor Helena Dvořáčková.

The full study report can be viewed here.