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Palacky Boulevard Revitalisation, Pardubice, Czech Republic

Completed 2018
Client: City of Pardubice
Team: Igor Marko - expert supervisor and guarantor + Team of experts + Chief Architect's Office of Pardubice

Igor Marko was the expert supervisor for the study of revitalisation of the main town centre boulevard in Pardubice, Czech Republic. Palacky Boulevard is the main artery connecting the railway station and the city centre. The vision is to transform the boulevard from a link into an attractive destination with a fresh street look, as well as laying foundations for future activities to develop.

The study was developed by a team of architects and urban planners from the municipality and external experts on public space, transport, landscape and participation. The team engaged a large group of local citizens and businesses in the process of developing the study.

The study comprised qualitative and quantitative research to create awareness and increase public engagement in the process; an in-depth analysis of the existing area; and a conceptual masterplan to serve as a base for further project development and implementation. The masterplan is based on a connected palette of new functional spaces that unite the currently fragmented and unused streetscape and transform it into an attractive destination. A toolkit with a wide range of options for use is inserted into the defined street space.

The full study report can be viewed here.