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Millenium Street Furniture, London, UK

International Competition Winner 2000

Client: Westminster Council

Team: FoRM Associates Partner in charge Igor Marko and Peter Fink + Technographics Displays

The urban attractor design was a reflection of our belief that the urban conditions as a whole and in Westminster in particular will dramatically change over the next ten years because of the impact of sizeable reduction of private car use, Information Technologies development and the creation of new public space networks. The Information Technology, one of today's principal social catalysts, is dramatically changing the way organizations and individuals interact. Innovation, engineering and IT integration are among the many resulting challenges that face urban design for the present and future city. In this context digital technology is capable of fostering new models of place making, communication and knowledge sharing whilst expanding their scale and scope.The concept of an 'urban attractor' redefines and expands the traditional limits of street furniture introducing a specific new urban quality into a city fabric- the immediately and constantly available, user-orientated electronic information. The mass availability of multilingual information at street level aims to universally increase the scope of informed choice and orientation, as well as, to help to establish new connections between people and their local government, neighbouring institutions and organizations.