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Merina Residential Complex, Trenčín, Slovakia

2022 -
Client: Occam Real Estate
Team: Sadovsky & Architects, Marko & Placemakers

Our vision is based on a direct interpretation of the post-industrial land, which gradually transforms into a residential urban complex. The foundation of our design lies within the quality of the urban space, offering important diversity and valuable experience. It provides and reflects the necessary continuity and understanding of the place. It is based on the principles of sustainable development, where pedestrian accessibility and density is key, resulting in further lowering of our ecological impact. Our approach highlights the concept of a well-functioning urban ecosystem directly connected to the city itself. The solution is based on the functional integration of efficient transport and green infrastructure.

The dominant element is the preserved vibrant boulevard activated by “urban bays.” The architectural volumes form a safe community environment intertwined with an informal rich landscape. We propose several functional pairs split into active and passive zones. The large boulevard is conceptually concluded by a cluster of squares that create a front yard for two architectural features. One of them is the revitalized heating plant. We modularly reduce the volume of the original building, improving its efficiency for future use. The building also becomes a central cultural and social hub of Merina. The second element is a prominent high-rise residential building, which will contribute to the definition of Merina´s newly-found identity.