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LLDC Local Economy Study, London, UK

Client: London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC)
Team: Marko&Placemakers + URS

Although the 2012 Olympic Games have profoundly reshaped the LLDC area, it still retains its largely industrial character. The detailed on-the-ground study of the businesses provides a snapshot of the wide and genuine diversity of businesses within the legacy boundary. The examples of Hackney Wick and Fish Island reveal the great resilience of small-scale manufacturing and its links to creativity. This area distinguished itself as a beehive of activity including established businesses, young entrepreneurs using affordable and flexible spaces to set up their own businesses and a very high concentration of artists. Other industries, such as vehicle repair and construction, provide necessary functions for both the local area and central London, and often buy from local suppliers.

This diversity of industries enhances the resilience of the economy within and around the LLDC area, as it reduces the risk of over-reliance on one large business or sector. Thanks to the relative availability and affordability of its work spaces in Hackney Wick and Stratford and good access to both public transport and road connections to Central and Outer London, the LLDC area is a great location for start-ups and micro-businesses. The survey revealed successful business models, such as Straford Workshops, which can support future start-ups and micro-businesses in the area.

The study can be dowloaded from London Legacy Development Corporation website here.