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Leaf Central European Leadership Academy Campus Masterplan, Vištuk, Slovakia

Invited Competition Winner
Client: LEAF
Team: Marko&Placemakers + GutGut Architects

LEAF Central European Leadership Academy is a flagship project of a boarding high school with English language curriculum educating the most talented students from across a diverse profile from Slovakia and Central Europe. In the initial phase the plan is to adopt about 300 students and 40 teachers, with potential to grow to 2400 students and 300 teachers. The Academy will work as a community campus inviting international experts including the world's top academic high schools and selected development organizations with focus on leadership, talent and character.

Our concept conceives of the campus as an active organism fostering individual thinking through its spatial and programmatic arrangement creating a continuous experience. The campus grounds evolve from blending of formal and informal landscape developed through analysis of narratives of different users and their interpretation into spatial forms, which allows individual functions to develop and connection over time.

This evolution will be defined through a refined brief in dialogue with the client. Our conceptual masterplan is therefore the beginning of a vision and a roadmap for its implementation. The masterplan is an integral development plan of the academy campus, as well as the village Vištuk adjacent to the campus site that will be significantly affected by the new development. The vision therefore requires sensitive and clear development strategy balancing the requirements of the academy staff, students and visitors with those of local residents of the village.