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Kamenné Square Study, Bratislava, Slovakia

Client: Odborná Verejnosť, A1 Respect a.s.
Team: Marko&Placemakers

Kamenné Square and its surroundings is one of the most important urban spaces in Bratislava. The area underwent dramatic historic development and its current fragmented state replicates many central urban spaces characterized with gradual psychological and physical decline.

Our independent research analyses and describes the current state of the area, looking at selected historic configurations, bringing new, unpublished findings. Our methodology of measuring the performance of the area and its spatial qualities is based on a comparative model. The acquired data and subsequent analysis is made up of active linking of historical and current data and processing of all available resources. Historical and current data is combined with the results of field survey and mapping of the existing area. The mapping combines collected quantitative data with qualitative observations providing an integrated dynamic picture of the area at present.

Many of the parameters have never been presented within context and many qualities have never been thoroughly researched and articulated. Our research does not present specific solutions, but rather opens possibility for a variety of scenarios, which can be successfully implemented only through a process of open partnership and a positive consensus between all concerned parties.