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Centenary Square, Birmingham, UK

RIBA International Competition
Team: Marko&Placemakers

Time Recorder is a new focal installation in the form of an interactive, permeable membrane that connects institutions surrounding Centenary Square as well as the many people who use, or pass through, these spaces. The Recorder’s digital content extends its reach to the city beyond. It constantly changes and adapts, conveying ‘what’s on’ in the vicinity while directly engaging people in associated content.

Centenary Square is also a celebration of time represented by three circular elements within it: The first of these is the Hall of Memory which reflects the past; a place of inner contemplation. The second is the sunken forecourt void of the Library which symbolises the present; a repository of shared knowledge, it signifies learning. The third - a green ‘lens’ - is a new intervention that symbolises the future by encouraging interaction and dialogue between Birmingham’s citizens. It is a place of respite and relaxation that can be reconfigured as a performance space or winter ice rink.

These elements anchor a multipurpose ‘exchange space’ fronting onto, and extending across, Broad Street. Time Recorder captures, reflects and communicates the energy generated by this emerging cultural quarter. The future Centenary Square brings people together, offering something of interest for all.