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Value of Design Report for National Infrastructure Commission

We have completed The Value of Design in Infrastructure Delivery report which is one of three supporting documents for the chapter Choosing and designing infrastructure of the first ever UK National Infrastructure Assessment. It shows how good design and design thinking can play a significant role in developing solutions that enhance quality of life and the environment, while helping reduce risks and adding value.

The research and report by Petra Marko (Marko&Placemakers) and Judith Sykes (Expedition Engineering), with steering support from VeloCity includes insights from client and design teams on 12 case study projects from the UK and abroad. National Infrastructure Commission Commissioner Professor Sadie Morgan said: “Design is about more than just the aesthetics – it’s about ensuring that infrastructure works for its users, for its surrounding environment and for those who live or work nearby."

Key findings from our report show that:

- Successful infrastructure projects need client design leadership and investment in design up front, in order to reduce risk and achieve cost certainty while delivering multiple benefits beyond mere utility

- Innovative design outcomes rely on a truly collaborative effort between client, design and contractor teams

- Great infrastructure projects are people-focused, creating pleasant customer experience as well as wider economic and social benefits to local communities, connecting to the surrounding public realm and the place

- Successful sustainability approach comes from a fully integrated design process, rather than technological gimmick

You can view the full report here and read more about the first National Infrastructure Assessment here. This first-ever National Infrastructure Assessment for the United Kingdom makes recommendations for how the identified infrastructure needs and priorities of the country should be addressed. Government will be required to formally respond to the recommendations made.