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Plan Bratislava Book Published

Plan Bratislava is a vision for the transformation of Bratislava city developed by an association of over 70 professionals who joined in working groups for a better city. Igor Marko is the leader of the Urban Development group which wrote the chapter on sensible growth of the city. The book was launched and presented to the public at Nova Cvernovka creative hub in Bratislava last week.

Plan B is the first publication of its kind that looks at transformation of Bratislava in a holistic way. The Platform for Bratislava was established as an independent civic association led by architect and activist Matus Vallo. Its aim is to formulate urban problems, design concrete solutions, and establish the vision of Bratislava as a city for both residents and visitors. This is a new generation of professionals, activists and people capable and willing to start transforming their city into a modern metropolis.

An online version of Plan B is available here.