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Tulpenallee study, Kassel, Germany

Invited International Competition 2009
Client: Land Hessen, Kassel City Council
Team: FoRM Partners in charge Igor Marko and Peter Fink + Alan Baxter Associates

Kassel located in the centre of Germany and Europe is currently undergoing an ambitious re-organisation of its cultural landscape with the aim to strengthen its position against other cultural centers in Germany, mainly Berlin, Munich and Dresden. The re-organisation of the museum landscape is also seen as a major support for Kassel's application for UNESCO world heritage status.

The maintenance, regeneration and conservation of the large baroque gardens and parks Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, Karlsaue and Wilhelmstal is to be seen in this context. The park is the largest mountain park in Europe and of international value as a unique combination of an English country park and baroque park known for its water displays, the Hercules, the palace Wilhelmshöhe and the Löwenburg (Lion castle).The Tulpenallee project involves the re-landscaping of a highway running on the edge of the park with the aim of developing a new landscape narrative focusing on the scenic progression and placemaking rather than only the efficiency of transport design. In addition the project looked at how the two main public realm spaces through which the Tulpenallee passes could be redesigned to meet both the requirements of contemporary visitors as well as compliment and reflect its historical settings.

As a part of the landscape transport combined design approach the project also involved the redesign of the park's main car park with the aim of greater functionality and more subtle integration with the surrounding landscape.