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Paseo Bulnes, Santiago de Chile, Chile

International Open Competition 2012
Client: Housing and Urban Development Ministry of Chile
Team: Broadway Malyan + Igor Marko

Our proposal tries to set up Santiago’s renaissance moment, where the whole city starts to believe in its significance and potential, to create something that the world can recognize and want a part of. From the start we wanted to create something that is unique and spectacular, yet affordable and functional as a chain of experiences that encourage visitor to explore the area.

We placed a series of contrasting clusters at walkable intervals to draw people into the heart of the project.

Parque Almagro:
• Isabel Boulevard – bold and simple tree planting buffers the park from the adjacent widened road
• The Swale – a sustainable watercourse managing the area’s stormwater and hosting the micro-energy generation equipment servicing the district
• Almagro Promenade – dramatic light & water vista dissecting the park
• Almagro Market Village – stalls clustered as an interface between park and the regenerated urban development on the north edge of the park
• Almagro Botanic Gardens – includes a cool-house for Chile’s alpine plants
• Almagro community centre – sports, recreation and community facilities for local use
• Bulnes Pavilion – activity magnet showcasing Santiago’s latest innovations located on the central axis

The Urban area
• Paseo Bulnes – reshaped and planned as an entertainment destination, accommodating the city’s gastronomic centre with restaurants, bars, hotels and cultural facilities and setup as a meridian vista in line with the original vision and brightly lit to attract night-time use
• Museum of Culture – cultural attraction on Paseo Bulnes providing an ever-changing digital account of the country’s history, with imaginatively displayed archives and exhibits
• Zenteno – intended as the area’s prime shopping area offering high street and pedestrian piazza settings with the best retail brands in an enhanced environment
• Nataniel Cox – a centre for business and commercial activity
• The Cut – a new east-west pedestrian/ cycle link connecting to the heart of the project

These features will help establish the area as a must-see destination for visitors and a great place for workers and the community to meet and enjoy themselves.”